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Email etiquette 101

When email became popular in the early 90s, it changed the way the business world communicated. Now it’s become cumbersome and fragmented. Our inboxes are now a major digital distraction, and time-waster. It’s harder than ever to to filter out the noise from the trivial many, and find the meaningful few. 

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New data privacy laws noble, but futile

If you’ve noticed your inbox flooded with messages about updated privacy policies, you can thank the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the most significant change in data privacy regulation the world has seen in 20 years. I’m all for protecting people’s privacy, and I definitely think that some sort of regulation is needed, but one must ask if the new GDPR goes too far? It may seem altruistic, but is it realistic? I have my doubts.

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